The Bunhead Jungkook Pin!

The Bunhead Jungkook Pin!

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  • BTS Enamel Pin
  • Soft Enamel with Epoxy
  • Jam (reddish purple) Dye Finish
  • Screen Printing
  • Rubber Backings
  • About 6cm Tall

PLEASE NOTE: For the soft enamel pin with epoxy, grading is a little different as there is a much higher chance for dust to get caught under the epoxy. Please keep that in mind when ordering! 

D & E Grading: D grades include things like missing or wrong enamel color, dirt and things under epoxy, scratches on epoxy, dirt on enamel, smudged screen print, color running onto other colors, plating issues, etc. E grades are like D grades but have multiple faults. Please be aware - The D and E grades are pins with faults and are being sold as such, there are no refunds or returns.

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